the exams are making me hella depressed thoughhh


Amazing fan art by Sophia, sooooooooph on Twitter. It’s based on ‘Still’ and The Two Lovers of Valdaro.

"Hate is spitting out each others mouths but we’re still sleeping like we’re lovers.”

Goodbye - Daniela Andrade (Cover by me)

Swore to myself that I’d be fine
Don’t know what to do cause
Baby, I’ve missed you lately…

Maybe you’ve taken someone new
But I still think about you,
Baby, have you missed me lately?

I have never pondered over a movie as much I have with Her (2013). I can’t wait until the DVD releases so I can hear what was running through Spike Jonze’s mind while he was writing and directing this movie. Like, I wonder how hard it must’ve been for him to relive every painstaking memory he created with his former wife, Sofia Coppola.