Goodbye - Daniela Andrade (Cover by me)

Swore to myself that I’d be fine
Don’t know what to do cause
Baby, I’ve missed you lately…

Maybe you’ve taken someone new
But I still think about you,
Baby, have you missed me lately?

I have never pondered over a movie as much I have with Her (2013). I can’t wait until the DVD releases so I can hear what was running through Spike Jonze’s mind while he was writing and directing this movie. Like, I wonder how hard it must’ve been for him to relive every painstaking memory he created with his former wife, Sofia Coppola.



oh my god


The Moon Song - Scarlett Johansson (Her 2013)

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Anonymous asked: Oh I saw Gabrielle Aplin last year when ed sheeran came on tour! She was soooo good ! She's seriously the cutest thing ever. Have a great night lovey, xx

Ahh that’s awesome! I felt so proud and happy for Gabby when I first heard her announce that she was opening for Ed Sheeran!! :’) I hope you have a great night too, lovely xx